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I love free music (who doesn’t?!?). At the beginning of the summer I clicked “like” CMJ‘s Facebook page to receive their free sampler of artists on the rise for Summer 2011. After I had listened through the playlist a few times, I realized that I only liked two of the 20 songs. A week later, I had one of those songs constantly on repeat: Up Up Up by Givers.

This song makes me happy. It’s almost like a celebratory volcano of colorful rhythms and catchy hooks erupts from my iPhone and trickles a lighthearted optimism into my eardrums. I don’t know too much about music, however, I know I like Givers.  If I had to label the songs I’ve heard so far, I’d say they’re psycho dream pop-a genre I don’t typically affiliate myself with, but this works. Listen to this album at the beach, while you run barefoot through fields of wild daisies, or really, anywhere.  Even your dog will like it; trust me.

Watch the music video for Up Up Up.

Other noteworthy tracks: Nada Noche & Meantime.

Can’t get enough? Listen to this catchy electro-glitz remix of Up Up Up.

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