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Ruthie Bird asked Christopher a few questions about his personal style:
Style Icons?
Prince Charles and David Bowie. Prince Charles always looks extremely elegant, yet cool in his bespoke suits made of different colors and patterns.  He has the ability to look conservative enough to trek around in the Houses of Parliament, yet dandy enough to cruise around on a Vespa.  David Bowie has always amazed me in his work and sense of style.  I reckon it is more of his insouciance, but that plays a big part in how one looks. David has the ability to effortlessly take on different looks; that really is what style is to me, personal expression, not trends or names.
Favorite Designers?
5 Must-have Items?
1. Tailored fully canvassed blazer
2. Black leather-soled British oxfords
3. A slim tie
4. Well cut top coat for the winter
5. Simple watch
Can’t live without . . . 
Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP. Its a beeswax with essential oils trapped inside. I swear by this stuff. It protects and revitalizes leather like you would not believe!
Favorite thing about NYC?
Everything. I love the feel of the City; it resonates with me. I love the people you randomly meet and the series of events that unfold from day to day. You never know what you are going to encounter if you keep an open mind and experience the things the City has to offer.