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My signature piece of jewelry is a stunning Stag Head pendent from Mafia that my sister, Krista, bought me for Christmas last year. It’s ridiculous-which is why the necklace is fun-and somehow reminds me of Redneck-meets-Brooklyn, but without the flannel.  I don’t know how the combo works, but it does, and I love it! Regardless, from PacMan necklaces to Saber Tooth Tigah rings, each item from Mafia is interesting and unique. You can order jewelry from Mafia online, or if you’re in FL, visit Marcia’s Place, an upscale French boutique in Ponte Vedra Beach, to purchase a necklace or two.

my infamous stag head necklace

Stag Head

 Back In My Days / Homie, This Is My Day

 Saber Tootherd Tigah!

Flying Black Birds

Rock, Paper, Scisors

Pac It In, Man!