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It’s a ritual.

The first thing I do when I fly into NYC and the last thing I do before I catch a cab back to the airport is to go on a pilgrimage to the Ace Hotel. This reservior of hope and peace amidst the concrete jungle is renown for it’s coffee and ambiance (thanks to Stumptown and Roman & Williams). There’s a method to my madness: Stumptown Coffee just so happens to be my favorite coffee shop in midtown (convenient, since I live in midtown) and Roman & Williams happens to be one of my favorite design teams. Pair the two and you’ve got a golden duo sure to please everyone-and especially me.

Lines of people extend far out the door to laud the perfect cup of coffee and talented baristas, so brace yourself for a long wait. Don’t worry, the coffee is worth it. Go before 9AM and the wait is only a few minutes, but good luck afterwards.  Waiting in the lobby of the Ace is no big deal, the taxidermy animals are more than happy to keep you company.

Don’t forget to visit Opening Ceremony & No. 8A to pick up the perfect accessories for the perfect city day.

Price– Typical. You’ll pay $2 for a perfect cup of coffee and $3.50 for a cappuccino equivalent of Michelangelo’s David.

WiFi– Yes, just ask the front desk for the password

Payment– CASH ONLY

FoodDoughnut Plant doughnuts, various pastries from Balthazar, and additional food is available from servers in the lobby of the hotel if you’re not keen on visiting the Breslin for lunch or dinner.

Tips– DO: try the Chemex coffee or the Cortado (just order it). DON’T: hog space in the lobby if you aren’t going to buy anything. The place gets incredibly crowded. Be respectful of others.

Hours-6AM to 8PM, everyday

How do I get there? Take the NR to 28th st and you’re right there. Or, take the NQR, BDFM to 34th St. Harold Square and walk south on Broadway five blocks. The Ace hotel is between B-way and 5th.

Did you know? Stumptown Coffee Roasters has a tasting room located on 219 Van Browne St at Commerce St in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

For more information, visit Stumptown’s website. Need directions?