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 Josh Garrels, has been churning out mellow records since 2002. His seventh full-length album, Love & War & the Sea In Between, was released on June 15th of this year-and it’s entirely free for your download pleasure.

Each track on this folky/neo-soul record is absolutely different from the one before. Josh uses a bevy of eclectic instruments from the dulcimer, shophbar, castanet, and timbrel to the lute, gong, and cornet to weave layers of melodies together. When you pair these instruments with Josh’s soothing vocals, you can understand why it took over a year of constant, tenacious work to complete Love & War & the Sea In Between.

Garrels is a genre all of his own, but fans of Anathallo, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Bon Iver will be drawn to his sound.  You can download the album from Bandcamp for free, leave Josh a tip on NoiseTrade, or purchase it on iTunes. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Listen to All Creatures:

Noteworthy tracks on L&W: Beyond the BlueUlysses, White Owl, & The Resistance

Mason Jar Music (from Brooklyn, NY) has put together an incredible video about Josh: