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Warby Parker is an example of American capitalism at its best. It gives consumers something that seems almost too good to be true: a low price and an opportunity to help someone out. See Ayn Rand? Capitalism doesn’t have to be greedy.

Warby Parker understands that prescription eyewear should not cost $300, so, it’s breaking up the oligopoly that has kept the eyeglass market in a stranglehold. Warby Parker fixes the price of each pair of glasses at $95, which undercuts all competition and allows prices to hover around a reasonable equilibrium.

That’s not all, when you buy one pair of glasses, another pair is donated to someone who wouldn’t have access to a pair of glasses otherwise. It’s like TOMS, but for eyeglasses. With the convenience of the free, at home try-on (five pairs of glasses are sent to your home to see which one will fit you best), you’re bound to find that perfect pair of thick-framed, hipster glasses you’ve been looking for.

Helping people in need, prescription glasses, sunglasses, and monocles…Monocles? I’m sold.

You can purchase the glasses online, or you can make an appointment to visit the Warby Parker showroom at 13 E 16TH ST, or at Bird on 203 GRAND ST in Brooklyn.