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California-based Blue Bottle Coffee isn’t just another Brooklyn coffee shop overflowing with unshaven, flannel clad mendisheveled women in oversized clothes, and overpriced lattes. This industrial roastery is impressive. Seriously.

Blue Bottle sells only quality pour over coffee (a drip bar where rows of ceramic funnels trickle coffee goodness into clear glass mugs) and espresso drinks at their peak flavor (less than 48 hours out of the roaster). And get this, the coffee is roasted on vintage gear in the building itself. My hipster alarm is going off right now.

Price: $$,

Wi-Fi: None

Payment: Cash or Major Credit/Debit cards

Food: Minimal Pastries

Hours: 7-7 weekdays, 8-7 (winter).

Location: 130 Berry Street between 4th and 5th (off the Bedford L).

Note to self: Blue Bottle isn’t one of those sit-down-and-stay-a-while kind of places.

Don’t know what to order? Try a latte, they are smooth and full of flavor.

Public cupping events are held every Thursday at noon.

For more information, visit Blue Bottle’s website.  Need Directions?