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Madison Square Market is back and open for business for the fall, and they’ve got some solid eats. On Saturday evening I met some friends at Hill Country Chicken. After dinner we walked south towards Washington Square Park to watch the world’s largest lightsaber battle.  Before we could realize what what was going on, we found ourselves lost in a sea of tea, sweet treats, and gluten goodness at the Mad. Sq. Eats in Worth Square.

Hours: Every day from 11am -9pm from Sept. 23 to Oct. 21.

How do I get to Mad. Sq. Eats? It’s a quick subway ride on the N, R, or 6 to 23rd Street.

Who will be there? pizza from Roberta’s, pig’s head sandwiches and blood sausage from The Cannibal, grilled cheeses from The Milk Truck, pretzel dogs from Sigmund Pretzel Shop, tacos and burritos from Calexico, whoopie pies and cupcakes from Robicelli’s, and freshly made mini-donuts from Cuzin Duzin, among lots of other vendors.

If you’re not feeling any of the Mad. Sq. Eats options, Shake Shack is always across the street, and worth the quarter-mile line.

Thanks Gothamist for the vendor info!