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Hello Again!

Ruthie Bird here.

Last night I celebrated my birthday with my closest family and friends, and today, we spent a rainy Saturday indoors shopping for suits for my dad, watching The Conspirator, and praying for a break in the rain so I could take some pictures for my dear friends the McCary’s.

Finally. Around 5PM the rain decided to calm down, so we packed up a few props and headed down to the beach for a few pictures.

It was so special to spend time with the McCary family.  They just adopted a sweet seven year-old girl, Rachel, from Shanghai (their third adopted daughter so far!). Little Rachel has a heart problem and will die if she can’t have an operation, so the McCary’s are doing their best to make sure she’ll be taken care of. Rachel’s story is amazing, read about it here!

Immediately after I snapped the last shot the rain began to POUR DOWN. Perfect timing! We picked up the little girls and ran to the car.

I am thankful for the McCary’s, their lives are full of so much love and joy. I hope to be like them someday.

It’s been good to be home, but it’s almost time to head back up my fair city with her shining spires…just in time to enjoy fall! I wish my Floridian family and friends were in the city, then it’d be perfect.


Ruthie Bird

PS. We’ll be back in the swing of your regularly scheduled posts very soon. Music Monday is going to be AMAZING this week, so make sure to keep checking in to catch the post!