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Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about y’all today. In fact, I wanted to let you know that States (CopelandAaron Marsh+Lydia’s Mindy White) is dropping their FIRST EVER full length record, Room To Run tomorrow, and you better pick up your own copy!

States’ is different from other female-driven bands. Yes, frontwoman Mindy White leads with powerful vocals and a huge range, but not with the typical Paramore/Fireflight/Flyleaf rock or emo Evanescence vibe.  There’s something confident and honest about States, so I like listening to their music actually. Heck, I enjoy the whole experience-bass, guitars, drums, everything. I haven’t heard more than a few samples of Room To Run, but States first EP, Line ‘Em Up (2010), was good, so I have high hopes for this release.

Listen to Timebomb from Room To Run.