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The pre-finals crunch has begun! This means I become a recluse and tuck myself away in the farthest corner of the library as I finish my senior Thesis and other term papers. My body molds to the ancient green armchair I sit in for hours on end, and my fingers conjoin to my laptop’s keyboard as I finish my tasks. It’s nearly impossible to get out of the library for anything other than the bright flashing lights and deafening sirens from the Empire State Building’s emergency evacuation and fire drills. This is why I am thankful for Seamless Web, which is saving the lives of starving college students, one at a time.

Hungry? It’s easy, just visit Seamless Web’s website, search for whatever food you want to eat, and BAM-it’s delivered to your door.  Need more than a meal? You can order groceries from places like FreshDirect, MaxDelivery, and the New York Grocery.

During February, Seamless Web sponsors “free coffee” days at various locations throughout the city. Don’t worry, Ruthie Bird will let you know all about the free coffee in due time.