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I’m baaaaack!

Sorry to have kept you all waiting. New content is on its way, just in time for the holidays! And I must mention that I’m a recent College GRADUATE, not that I’m excited about that accomplishment or anything…

There only are three days until Christmas, are you ready? Christmas in the city is always magical. I love walking through Central or Prospect Park to celebrate the day-and get out of my crammed apartment for a little while. Enjoy this time with your family and friends, heck, it only comes around once a year!

If you’re feeling like the grinch and need some Christmas cheer (and drink or two), head on over to Rolf’s in Gramercy (22nd and 3rd). Here, you will encounter the most over-the top Christmas decorations in the city-even more ridiculous than the Macy’s Flower Showin the spring. Some of my friends take a traditional a post-Thankgiving pre-Christmas trip to Rolf’s every year. Next year, I may join them.

Tip: this is a dinner/drinks place, not a quaint little lunch joint. Check out the menu to see if anything fits your fancy.

Price: Okay, not cheap, but this is NYC people. Drinks are $10-15 depending on what you order. Dinners are in the $30 range, but the portions are huge-enough to feed two people!

Try: a glass of warm gluhwein (mulled wine for $13) and the potato pancakes.