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Okay, have you tried to compile a top-11 list for 2011? It’s near impossible-at least for me. 2011 has been a great year of newness, exploration, and growth. But the most important thing I learned is that it’s not the stuff that’s in your life but WHO’s in your life that counts. Something like, the quantity of life isn’t as important as the quality of life. Love well and you’ll live well, and that usually means that to love others well, you must be the one to initiate.

With that tidbit in mind, I’ll just give a you a Ruthie Bird run down-a top 11 of 2011-complete with your favorite posts (at least, what my site stats tell me are your fav’s) from RB’s launch in August ’til now.

  1. Of Monsters and Men:
  2. Stumptown Coffee:
  3. Cameron Mitchell Music:
  4. Josh Garrels Music:
  5. Warby Parker, Eyeglasses:
  6. Mexicue:
  7. John Derian, Dry Goods:
  8. James Vincent McMorrow:*Ruthie Bird’s two cents* If I had my way, JVM would be in the #1 spot, but I’m listening to the people right now. JVM’s voice is perfect. Give him a listen, please?
  9. Uniqlo Cubes:
  10. Roman & Williams Buildings and Interiors:
  11. Recap: FNO 11:

What were your favorite things about 2011?