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The Meatball Shop headline says that the restaurant focuses on “simplicity and goodness,” that’s what they serve: simple meatball goodness.

No reservations are taken at either of these three tiny places, so you’re bound to wait a good long while for a place to sit. When you find a seat, you’re given menus and dry-erase markers. To order, you just use the marker to select what you want to eat and then you hand the marked-up menu to your waiter or waitress. Nifty, right? The meatballs are about the size of a golf ball and come in five types (beef, spicy pork, chicken, vegetable, and special) and can be dressed with five sauces (tomato, spicy meat sauce, mushroom gravy, parmesan cream, and pesto). Oh, you want more than just a meatball? Prepare yourself for incredible pasta, sandwiches, sliders, heroes, salads, and the smash.

Get this: for dessert you can make your own chipwiches (icream sandwiches between two cookies) for just $4!

Price? Cheap! Two meals, four glasses of wine, and a dessert will be about $50.

Verdict? GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!!

3 LocationsLES: 84 Stanton St. Thurs-Sat 12p-4a Sun-Wed 12p-2a
West Village: 64 Greenwich Ave, Thurs-Sat 12p-4a Sun-Wed 12p-2a
Williamsburg (BK): 170 Bedford Av Thurs-Sat 12p-4a Sun-Wed 12p-2a