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Jacob’s Pickle is a Southern pub with a thing for pickles, well…beer, pickles, and biscuits. The menu is chock-full of mouthwatering southern food cooked just the way grandma does it: fried chicken, biscuits n’ gravy, mac n’ cheese, thin cut fries, sausages, cheese grits, specialty craft beer, biscuits (served warm! A first for NYC.), and of course pickles to round out the menu. This pub opened to the public in mid-December, so you better make your way on over before word gets out that this is the hottest dinner spot in town.

Good for: dinner dates & dinner/lunch/beer with friends. If you like beer, southern food, pickles, or all the above, this will be your new go-to place. Jacob’s Pickle gets crowded and is hard to accomodate more than two without a reservation during the weekend. If you arrive around 7p and you should find a table. If you arrive after 7:30, you’ll have to wait 20-40 minutes before you’re seated. Fortunately, you can hang out by the bar and grab a drink so the wait doesn’t seem so bad.

Price: Reasonable! Expect to pay about $18 for food and their to-die for specialty rootbeer.

Where? 509 Amsterdam Ave. (Between 84th and 85th Streets). The nearest transportation is to take the 1,2,A,B,C to 86th St, or the 1 or 2 to 79th St. It’s your call.

Downers: Although the decor is impeccable (think: Roman & Williams), the restaurant is incredibly loud and not conducive to an intimate conversation-you’ll have to speak loudly, which skews the ambiance of the place. Also, the background music is terrible (top 40’s from three or four years ago), but all this fades away when fried chicken biscuits and gravy and a side of steamy cheese grits arrive at your table.

Beer and pickles...need I say more?