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Behold Abraco, the watering hole for East Village/LES hipsters. Lauded as one of the five best coffee shops in NYC, my expectations for Abraco Espresso (a tiny storefront on 86 E. 7th Street between 1st and 2nd ave’s) were high. I left slightly disappointed after the pour over coffee I tried was too watery and pricy (2.5 per cup)…I’d rather get a mug of thick, murky coffee from Mud, just up the street. I need to try my staple, the Cortado, and a Cappuccino before I judge the quality of the espresso. My friends tell me the espresso itself is worth a return trip. Regardless, the pastries are delicious and the simple menu is delightful. A rose almond cookie? Yes, please! Try it out and let me know what you think!

Wifi? Nope. And don’t you dare bring a laptop.

Credit Cards? This place is cash only.

Tip: Line is long, but this is a grab-n-go place (limited seating) so the wait is pretty quick.

Food?  Mmmmmm pastries! Try something new like a brioche cinnamon bun or an olive oil cake.