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If you’ve lived in NYC for any decent length of time chances are you’ve stumbled upon Joe’s the Art of Coffee. For good reason, it has eight locations all over the city! I love Joe’s because:

1.  I’m incredibly sentimental and have great college memories of mornings-turned-evenings spent with my nose in a book, sipping chai lattes, debating politics and philosophy with the hipsters in thick framed Warby Parker glasses sitting next to me.

2. The Chai Lattes are perfect..they aren’t too spicy, the froth is perfect–light, thick, and smooth–and they aren’t made from a powder mix (like the ones from Mud coffee).

3. It’s a super-chill place with awesome artwork displayed all over the walls (find out about it on Joe’s blog).

Tip: Basically, this is the place for a latte. Delicious! The coffee is mild and a perfectafternoon pick-me-up (mind you, it’s from a filtered coffee maker. None of that fancy French press or pour-over business).

Grab n’ go? Yes. If you’d like. There is free wi-fi, so if you want to work, have coffee with a friend, or a small meeting, this is your place. It’s not where you want to be if you have a large group (go to Stumptown in the Ace Hotel if you want a meeting over coffee).

Prices? Average. A medium drink and a biscotti are about $4.

Food? Pastries, you know, the usual: croissants, cookies, sweet breads, etc.

Remember: this place is CASH ONLY, and the Brooklyn location (on Flatbush Ave) is closed until April 1, so if you live in BK and want a cup of joe from Joe’s you’ll have to come to the island.