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Viva Baked By Melissa, a miniature dessert company based out of New York City famous for its bite-sized stuffed cupcakes. Although the cupcake fad has been blowing over, there are still some incredible places in NYC to pick up these sweet treats; exhibit A: Baked By Melissa. Magnolia’s Bakery and Crumbs Bake Shop are all over Manhattan, but the cake is usually dry (and tasteless) and the icing seems too powdery and processed. That’s why I like these quarter-sized guys from BBM: they’re moist, bite-sized treats that are crammed with flavor. Flavors are always changing, especially when special events like Fashion Week roll around-you’ll find cupcake flavors to match.

What’s my favorite flavor? Cinnamon. But the tie-die, red velvet, and mint chocolate are amazing too!

Okay, these mini-cupcakes are pricy: $1 a piece, but every once and a while they are a tasty treat.

With six locations in NYC, there’s sure to be a Baked By Melissa’s near you! Grab and go is the name of the game. Mind you, there are only cupcakes at BBM, you won’t find places to sit, and you won’t want to chill here for a while.