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Animal (Mike Snow Cover), Fleet Foxes Sing

We Found Love (Rihanna Cover), Fleet Foxes Sing

The weather in NYC is amazing. I can’t believe it…is it really February? Mild weekend weather always means an adventure, so yesterday, I HAD to explore. I’m a firm believer in the idea that life must have a soundtrack, so before I left my Harlem apartment for Brooklyn, I found some music to add to my “walking through Prospect Park” playlist. While I was perusing some of my favorite music blogs, I came across the band Fleet Foxes Sing.  No, this isn’t the famous indie/folk band Fleet Foxes that has overtaken hipster playlists, but a group of musicians who borrow (or steal?!) the Fleet Foxes’ signature sound and smother top-40 hits like Rihanna’s We Found Love and Mike Snow’s Animal, indietastic anthems like Bon Iver’s Holocene and James Blake’s The Wilhelm Scream, and a musical tribute to Whitney Houston thrown in for good measure. These soaring harmonies and wispy melodies sound exactly like the Fleet Foxes and makes the heart long to sing the blues among the thick, leafy foliage of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Is it weird? Does it work? You decide. Check ’em out: