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If you stroll down 5th Avenue towards Union Square from Midtown, you’re bound to walk past a building surrounded by green park tables and chairs, and dangling lights hanging under the the trees Madison Square Park, and a whole lot of people standing in line. New Yorkers are not well-behaved enough to stand patiently in this 1/4 mile line without reason. Beware the gut: Shake Shack is infamous for having incredible burgers, perfectly crispy zig-zaggy french fries, and thick concretes (custard blended with a glut of of mix-in’s) and shakes that are to DIE for (hellooooo strawberry!). Oh, there are vegetarian and gluten-free options too!

When I moved to NYC, there were only three locations: the original spot launched by the Madison Sq Conservancy in 2003 (of course, it’s in Madison Square Park), one on the Upper West Side (behind the Museum of Natural History), and one at the Mets Stadium.  But last year, Shake Shack expanded its operations to the Upper East Side, Midtown West, and Battery Park. Now anyone the whole city can have a “Concrete Jungle” any time they want. You have to trust me, this place is inexpensive ($10-$15 for your meal) and gooooooooood.