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So you got the job and are ready for your first day. I know you’re wondering, just like I did, what in the would should you wear?? You’ve probably only been to the office for your interview, and probably didn’t get the full picture of what proper office attire should be like. Who knows, maybe there’s a Tie Tuesday, or a “Delicate Day” (as there is in my office) where everyone dresses up in their office-best.

But it’s your first day, so what should you do?

First, remember, dressier is always better. Please, this is NYC and as a general rule of thumb, it’s better for you to be overdressed than underdressed (overdressing is rare in the city). Typically, jeans aren’t acceptable; especially on the job.

If you’re a woman, wear a nicer dress (one your father would be proud of) with a pair of heels. If you’re worried about the color, go with black or grey-they’re always safe bets. If you’re bold, break out that red number you’ve got stashed in the back of your closet, it told me it wan’t a chance to go out on the town…even if that just means a trip to the office.

I wore this peppy green dress from Anthropologie on my first day at work and paired  it with a colorful scarf and pair of classic black patent leather heels, sparkly J. Crew bracelet, and Nixon gold and leather watch.

Guys, wear some nice slacks, a button down, a blazer, and if you’re feeling up to the challenge, a good tie. I can’t stress this enough: don’t throw yourself under the bus on your first day of work just because you dressed like crap. As the cliche goes, make sure “dress for success.”

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