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Roots Cafe: 19th street and 5th Ave just east of Prospect Park.

Before I got a big-girl job at SMG, I worked retail in every girl’s heaven: Anthropologie. Even though I didn’t take home much of my paycheck, I loved the job and got to know my HR manager, Randi, fairly well. Randi and her husband Jamey are passionate about community, coffee, food, music, and Brooklyn. The fruit of their love produced Roots Cafe, a venue for all of the above.   Super community cafe feel, more of something you might find in a smaller town. When you step into Roots, you feel like you’ve stepped out of NYC. Gluten free and vegan options. Roots is a really cutesy place with mismatched furniture and artwork, memorabilia, and random objects are placed all over the walls, turning them into a giant collage.

How do I get there? Take the R to Prospect Ave and walk two blocks south.

What I love: You can grab a colorful mug from the rack on the left wall and have the barista make your drink in it!

Price: Bring some cash (or a card for purchases over $5) and you’ll pay $4 for a latte, $2.5 for a cup of coffee, or $7 for a sandwich, so pretty much the usual.

Wi-Fi? Yes! You van stay here as long as you’d like: it’s a cozy place to write, draw, read a book, meet up with friends, have an informal meeting, or just relax.

Live music and BYOB every Wednesday @7p and Friday @8p.