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Kazuya Morimoto paints on the street, but he does so much more than that: he’s a printmaker, watercolor painter, sculptor, and traveler who’s explored a lot of the world. Yet, he’s still drawn to NYC. “This city is so beautiful, it’s easy to paint something exquisite.” That is so true, especially on his perch on West 4th and Charles Street in the picturesque West Village. “This morning I spoke to my friend. He called me and told me to open up Page 6. I did and I saw a picture of Liv Tyler on the street holding one of my paintings!” If I were him, I’d probably be telling complete strangers about the fact that a celebrity was carrying my painting, even if it’s in one of the most ridiculed publications in the city.

He paints incredible abstract paintings like this one:

Some of my favorite Kazuya originals are his sketchbooks from NYC and Italy. Click on the image below for more sketches!

Visit his current exhibition, it’s open now through April 30th at the Jefferson Market Library, 2nd floor!