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Last week I spent my Friday night at the MoMA. New York city is all about doing. People never stop going and going and going and going. It’s easy to be busy, and it’s hard and takes discipline to take an evening off from the normal pace of the city. After a long work week, I’d rather enjoy an activity that leaves me refreshed and ready for the next day than trashed and ruined for the next day.  My perfect Friday evening usually consists of one (or two) of these three activities:

  1. A trip to the New York Philharmonic (yes, with a Student ID you only pay $12.50, AND you get to dress up!)
  2. An evening visit to a Museum (the MoMA is steps away from my office…and is free on Friday night’s after 5pm)
  3. Dinner or coffee with friends (Jacob’s Pickles on the UWS anyone?)

So you want to go on an adventure to the New York Philharmonic? Good idea.

Go online to purchase student tickets to the symphony of your choice at Avery Fisher Hall. You can order your tickets up to 10 days in advance…AND you can choose your seats! I sat in the front row to a concert with excerpts from Motzart’s magical flute. It was beautiful and cost just $12.50! Don’t be afraid of the balcony, the first tier is the best place to sit, front or side, it doesn’t really matter. You can close your eyes if you wish and let the music carry you away. You’ll find me at the Philharmonic tonight listening to Beethoven. I can’t wait!

After ordering your tickets online (or calling the box office to make sure they will have tickets left at the door), you head to the venue a half hour before the Philharmonic starts, pick up your ticket with a debit card and photo student ID, and head to your seat.

If you’re a big fan of classical/chamber music and want to be a cultured New Yorker, you can do a similar thing at Carnegie Hall-except student tickets are just $10! Here’s a quick note: not every concert or symphony has Student Rush tickets. Make sure to check online or call the box office to see if rush tickets are available.