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There is a lot of great food in NYC, to be sure, but there aren’t too many things that I’ve eaten in the city that truly have stood out to me. You know, that sensation where the food you’ve ordered is so good it lingers at the back of your mind after the meal is over. When lunchtime the next day-or a few weeks later-rolls around,  your mouth begins to water. I experienced this phenmenona this weekend, actually, at Westville West (W. 10th street in Greenwich Village). This tiny brunch, lunch, and dinner spot has some incredibly delectible dishes-and I’m not just saying that!

Last Saturday morning, I met a few girlfriends for brunch at Westville West. I ordered the Breakfast Burrito with chorizo, shallots, and smoked gouda that was garnished with zesty chipotle avocado sauce. MMMM. It was soooo good, and the chipotle avocado sauce complimented the other flavors perfectly.

What to Order? For breakfast, try the Breakfast Burrito. Lunch? Go for the mac-n-cheese loaded with bacon. Make sure to order the market sides-Westville is known for its fresh vegetables and daily specials.

Wait? If you get there when it opens (10am) you won’t have a wait, but come around 11-1, expect a good half hour or longer for a table.

Prices? between $10-$15 a plate.

Locations? Chelsea (246 West 18th Street), West Village (210 W 10th St), and the East Village (173 Avenue A).

Hours? Monday-Friday: 11:30a-11p Saturday-Sunday 10a-4p

Eggs with a portuguese muffin (more flat and sweet than an english muffin) with a side salad.