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A little over a year ago, the first Canvas store opened its doors in SoHo. Now, there are two locations: the flagship store in SoHo and a brand new location on 17th Street (and 6th Avenue) in Chelsea.

Vintage furniture, simple styles, and plenty of room to breathe-that’s what I love about Canvas. All I want to do right now is decorate!!! I like my apartment alright, but something is missing-it’s not quite a home. I keep pouring over Restoration Hardware, Architectural Digest, Pottery Barn, and Canvas catalogues for apartment inspiration, but I don’t think a home happens just because furniture is arranged to its greatest advantage. I think a house is a home when there’s a lot of love in the apartment. Oh man, that brings to mind a little plaque my mom used to have hanging in her room of a little brick house with a red cutout in the shape of a heart. At the top was inscribed the words: “A home is a house with love inside.” My roommates are awesome, so I’m sure our apartment will be a home pretty soon.

Until then, here are a few of my favorite items from Canvas:

Mercer Loveseat (hellooooo velvet!)

Vintage print (this is so Sarah Ruth it's not even funny)

Ivory cutlery (!!!!)