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In NYC, everyone needs a little support. The Beetles were right, we get by with a little help from our friends. Sometimes our best friend comes in the form of a dark brown liquidy goodness known to the world as coffee. New Yorkers for the most part, are coffee addicts (I know it’s not just me!). You’ve got to understand that when you work crazy hours and have just as hectic of a social life you need more than a little caffeine to get you through the day. That’s why Ground Support on 339 West Broadway-just south of Spring Street in SoHo-is named so appropriately.

When you’re exploring SoHo, stop by Ground Support. While you’re there, avoid the drip coffee, but pick up an Americano. If you want to sit outside for a little while and enjoy the sunshine, you have two options: sit under the skylight, or sit out on the side patio. Either way, you can enjoy the spring weather, blooming dafadills and tulips, and watch people stroll up and down West Broadway.

Really, there’s nothing too incredible about this place other than its location, the fact that it sells Intellegentia Coffee, and that it’s one of the few non-starbucks/non-generic places in SoHo to grab coffee and relax for a bit. I love that the place is open, airy, and bright. It’s conducive for work, conversation, reading, and relaxation, AND-contrary to Yelp and Google’s opinion-the barista’s are really nice.

Food? Sandwiches and snacks (muffins, bagels, etc.). You can buy intelligentsia coffee here (!!!!)

WiFi? free.

Train? C or E to Spring Street.