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Stumptown coffee (Ace Hotel, brewed in Red Hook BK) has overtaken Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. As rumors run wild of a new Stumptown coffee shop opening in Manhattan, be sure to check out the links below to find the cafe offering Stumptown nearest to you so you too can know what the fuss is all about.

Cafe Pedilar-210 Court Street, (Cobble Hill) Brooklyn, NY

Good for: work, study, rest, coffee with friends, meetings.

Balthazar Bakery, 80 Spring St. (SoHo), NYC

Good for: grab n’ go (and you can buy the Stumptown Balthazar blend with your credit card and not just cash like you do at the Ace Hotel).

63Bites-5 W. 63rd St (UWS), NYC

Good for: grab n’ go

Crespella-321 7th Ave (Park Slope) BK

Good for: grab a crape and coffee, sit for a few minutes, then go.

Roots Cafe639A 5th Ave (Park Slope) BK

Good for: kicking your feet up and reading/hanging out for a while, it’s a good spot to work, meet up friends, and relax.

Stand & Deliver cart-70 N. 7th St. (Williamsburg), BK

Good for: grab n’ go