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As May rolls around and brings summer weather to the city, a new season of life begins for Ruthie Bird too. This weekend begins the several step process to move out of Harlem and downtown (200 blocks, approximately) to the southern end of Manhattan. Bob Dylan said it best in 1964, “then you better start swimming, Or you’ll sink like a stone For the times they are a-changin’.” Mom is flying in town tomorrow, and we’ll pal around the city (visits the Frick and Guggenheim museums are in order), pack up my apartment, go to my college graduation, and prepare for the next chapter in my story-wherver it may be.

Change is good, and I’m thankful to have this part of my life shaken up a bit. I’ll be living in my own bedroom for the first time in five years AND my dad gets to fly up to spend the weekend hanging out and watching me walk across a stage to commemorate my December graduation. Celebrations all around!