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Music Monday needs to move aside cause I’m pretty excited about The Ludlow, J. Crew’s incredible Men’s Shop in TriBeCa-just south of J. Crew’s infamous Liquor Store.

J. Crew, The Ludlow

J. Crew Men's Shop, Ludlow

Pursuing through men’s clothing stores is strangely therapeutic. In college, I took retail therapy in a slightly different direction. During finals week I would take a break from my mountains of work to window shop through the men’s departments at Barney’s, Bergdorf’s, and Bloomies. Men’s fashion in NYC is crisp, clean, and dapper. The Ludlow is all about the perfectly tailored suit.

I love being surrounded by racks of double breasted jackets, stacks of skinny ties, pocket squares nestled into antique armoire’s, and pinstripes tucked between every nook and cranny…and when I’m looking at Drake’s pocket Squares, Alden & Crockett & Jones shoes and ties, and J. Crew’s Thomas Mason shirting, I know for a fact that there isn’t anything better than a sharp dressed man.

The Ludlow, J. Crew Tribeca

You can visit the store on 50 Hudson street (on the South East corner of Hudson and Thomas).