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Live inspired” is NYC’s Lifestyle & Charity’s motto. As I breeze through the eMagazine, images of beauty and grace-all in the name of philanthropy-wash over me.

Live Inspired: L & C Summer 2012, Lifestyle and Charity

Yes. Why yes, I am inspired. In a matter of minutes I feel as if I just flew through six thousand pins on Pinterest that I actually thought were lovely, inspiring, and beautiful. Now, I’m ready to…

“Rage in the days of Summer
Let go in the days of Summer
Change the world in the days of Summer”

..well, sort of. The whole full-time job puts a bit of a damper on my desire for a summer rage, but I am excited to see what other art, fashion, food, beauty, entertainment, lifestyle and culture inspiration L&C will introduce me to in the fall issue. Until then I will “rage” at my desk to L&C’s summer playlist on Spotify.

Check out L&C for yourself here.