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Zucker's Bagels and Smoked Fish, Chambers St, NYC Bagels

It was a chilly March afternoon. The sun was high in the sky, but didn’t seem to change the 20 degree weather. My hands tingled in my gloves as I walked along the Hudson River from Chelsea into Tribeca. As I walked south, the breeze blew off the river and soaked into my bones. Of course, my nose was running gloriously…the glam life of a NY’er in the middle of winter-I needed to get to a warm place, quickly!

I rememberd Moomah Cafe (whah whah whap, it’s closed now :(…) on Hudson street and I walked there as quickly as my cold legs would allow. Here, I discovered the glory of Zuckers.

If you’re a native New Yorker-or have been here for a while-, you’ll have heard about Zucker’s Bagels (and lox, of course!) a time or two. These perfect circlets of dough are from heaven; they are just crunchy enough on the outside and on the inside are loaded with fluffy, soft and sweet goodness. Don’t forget the home-made {walnut} cream cheese!

I entered the shop to find a line twirling around the front of the deli counter.  It stretched almost to the door. I was thankful to have left ample time to get to work. Like any delightful spot in the city around 8AM, Zucker’s was packed! Baskets of bagels lined the glass counter and rows of whole fish sat on ice under the first cash register. Eww. I still haven’t learned how to enjoy lox. Regardless, I still enjoy a steaming cup of coffee in the morning and a warm bagel. This is my favorite stop for a bagel in Manhattan. In Brooklyn, it’s another story (shoutout to the Bagelsmith!).

Zucker's Bagels, Cinnamon Rasin Bagel, NYC, Chambers Street, Financial DistrictThings to note: Zucker’s takes credit and debit cards; is open from 7-7 M-Sat and from 7-6 on Sundays; it’s crowded, but does have limited seating so you can hang out for a while if you wish-you just may have to wait for a bit. I read a book and journaled during my time there. Zucker’s Bagels is located on 146 Chambers Street between the North East side of the Financial District and the South East side of TriBeCa.