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These days, Ruthie Bird’s life looks like the grey, black, and white Jackson Pollock painting in the Modern Art Wing of the Met. Several passions and desires that have sat dormant for the past two or three years now fly to a million places at once, only to splatter and connect with one another by what seems to be mere chance or utter exhaustion. Forgive me, I’ve had ten hours of sleep over the past three days and think I’ve begun to grasp the meaning of exhaustion (or at least, more exhaustion than I was familiar with during my undergrad studies). This week, my whirlwind of change blew into a tornado, and my life uprooted in more than one way. I’ve embarked on a new adventure…this time, to the UK!

photoI’m all about settling down someday, but I don’t think my time is here just yet. When I was accepted to a study program at Oxford University in late November, I was thrilled.  Why not attend? I’d always had a desire to see Britain and the countryside that inspired many of my favorite authors like Wordsworth, Grey, Milton, Lewis, (I HAD to throw that Oxford comma into the list-take that British grammar!) and Tolkien. Within three weeks I put my two weeks notice in at work, sent another notice to find someone to take over my lease, packed a single suitcase full of winter’s warmest clothes, and arrived in London, around 3am EST (8am, London time) this morning, January 1, 2013. To tell you the truth, the small bits of town I’ve seen so far on this bus ride along twisting Oxford roads reminds me a bit of Queens. Now, I’m off to find a hostel and some hot tea to warm up my weary body!

“What we call the beginning is often the end
And to make and end is to make a beginning.
The end is where we start from…”
-TS Eliot, Little Gidding