Oxford is the most lovely place to be, even when you aren’t allowed inside of the RadCam anymore. Although life in Oxford feels incomplete since my Bodleian card expired yesterday and term is almost over, I’m thankful for a few trips to “the continent” and a month-long worldview intensive that are just around the corner. Still, it’s bittersweet to be on the outside of my favorite buildings. Maybe I’ll have an opportunity to come back to Oxford and study in the Bod again, who knows?

As I finish research for my final tutorial (Isaiah Berlin with Dr. Tudor Jones) on Tuesday, a few questions have popped into my mind. I love theology, political theory, liberty, and virtue, but these topics are so broad.  Finally, I think I’ve begun to narrow my search for what I’d like to study in graduate school, should that door open. Right now I’m stuck on two questions that I’d like to explore and understand:

1. What is the formative bearing of religious concepts on moral life?
2. What is the contribution of religion and virtue to the health of liberal societies through art, culture, and the church?

Easy, right?

Oxford has a school of Moral Theology that studies these very questions. (Hint: mom & dad).

On another note, last weekend I went on an adventure to Portsmouth, England’s gateway to the sea, with several other “international” students (it’s crazy to be considered an ‘international’ student along with others from Africa, South America, and Asia). The day began cloudy and damp, typical UK weather. Suddenly, a half hour before dusk, the sky cleared to reveal a beautiful sunset! What a gift.
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