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It was 5:45 AM the Friday before Christmas and a solitary thought filled my mind: Panther Coffee. You see, I drove down to Boca Raton for a reunion with some of my closest friends, but knew that my South Florida experience would not be complete without a trip to the infamous Wynwood Panther Coffee shop. Daniel, one of my best friends who happens to be a photographer/coffee enthusiast, introduced me to Panther’s Chelba roast last summer and my taste buds exploded with gratitude after the first sip. It was fitting he would take me to Wynwood (an incredible street-art district in North-East Miami) for a sunrise photography and coffee excursion.


Daniel Karram, Panther Coffee, Wynwood Miami

This hipster (think: crisp modern lines, raw wood counters, simple metal chairs, buffed concrete floors, vegan pastries, and an antique coffee roaster) coffee shop is nestled in the heart of Wynwood, one of the coolest neighborhoods I’ve ever explored. In Wynwood, exquisite murals consume buildings on both sides of every street and continue for blocks and blocks. Shepherd Fairey and Banksy’s work make a few celebrity appearances too!

Locations & Hours? Panther has two Locations in the Miami area:

2390 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33127
Monday – Saturday: 7am – 9pm
Sunday: 8am – 9pm

Sunset Harbour
1875 Purdy Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139Monday – Saturday: 7am – 9pm
Sunday: 8am – 9pm

You can also find Panther Coffee at select Whole Food’s across the USA.

Price? $$

I’m not going to lie, the beans are expensive ($20 for a pound of coffee), but quality doesn’t come cheap. A cappuccino runs around $4, while a rich (and perfectly balanced) French Press is $2.50. It’s worth it. Trust me.


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