High Street on Market

As I mentioned yesterday, High Street on Market is just around the corner from Independence Hall and is a block away from Christ Church (and the Franklin Fountain. Thank God for summer and ice cream!). This tasty farm-to-table spot is not meant to confuse! It’s called High Street but can be found on Market Street. It reminds me a bit of Taylors, one of my favorite sandwich shops in Oxford.

My parents came to Philly for the John Jay Commissioning ceremony last weekend. Of course, we had to spend a day exploring the city’s abundant history and delicacies. Our first stop to refuel after Independence Hall, Carpenter’s Hall, and the Portrait Gallery was High Street on Market. The weather was beautiful, and the music inside was obnoxious (the only downside to this place), so we decided to enjoy our meal outside at a sidewalk table in the shade. High Street on Market, PhiladelphiaWe were not disappointed. As you can see, our meal was fresh, relaxed, and delicious. I’ve craved the grilled broccoli and blistered grape salad ever since we left.

High Street on Market, Philadelphia

If you find yourself in Old City during the weekend or the final hours of the afternoon, move next door to FORK for a ritzy brunch or dinner brought to you by High Street’s owner Ellen Yin and chef Eli Klup.  If you’re a NY’er think of the sister restaurants akin to Parm and Torrisi on Mulberry Street in SoHo. It’s the same sort of thing, except FORK and High Street feature ambitious vegetable presentations with hints of meat, rather than gourmet Italian fare.

Where? High Street on Market, 308 Market St, Philadelphia. FORK, 306 Market St, Philly.

Options? morning pastries, lunch, & dinner, with an assortment of drinks both espresso (Rival Brothers) and, you know, of the grown-up variety. YES gluten-free, dairy-free, or both sorts of options are available. If you feel so inclined you can watch the chef hard at work from the front counter. It’s what I like to do.

Price? Morning & Lunch ($10-15)
Dinner ($15-22)

Can I hang out here?  Though space isn’t copious, grab a latte and read a book or work on your laptop. High Street is casual and there’s no immediate rush to leave, but bear in mind this is a restaurant. Good city manners (and prudence!) say that when the meal-time rush comes around, vacate your seat if you’ve been there for a while.  Recently, Menagerie Coffee opened its doors two blocks away on 18 S. 13th St. I recommend you try a flat white and linger there.

Great For: Meeting up with friends, a quick but good bite, Friday evening drinks, lunch with your parents.

High Street on Market, Philadelphia

My parents. They’re the best.