unnamed-2One day shy of my second anniversary away from Manhattan I returned to her glorious shore. Life is up in the air, I still am on the hunt for a job and permanent housing, but this city is familiar and refreshing even though it holds (all-too-frequent) biting moments of anxiety. In a strange way, the steady stream of people walking up and down Broadway reminds me of the ocean I left behind in Florida.  The sea of faces constantly rolls up and down, up and down. One wave always trails the one that’s gone before it and crashes upon the shore-only to repeat the cycle again and again and again and again. Even through natural lulls, the relentless rhythm of people’s footsteps follow and chase one another like water tossing up the shore. All shapes and colors of faces and clad torsos blend together, only to part at the cross street. These men, women, and children rushing, retreating, sauntering, strolling along Broadway are unknown to me, but each wave brings a surge of familiarity.  I know these streets. I’ve become accustomed to awkward situations the city provides fresh daily. I am acquainted with the ebb and flow of NYC’s perpetually new commotion, just as I am to the perpetual droning of waves upon my beloved Florida’s shore.

In this volatile season of life, I am thankful these city streets constantly flow with the familiar unknown.