Sometimes new seasons of life demand change. At least, that’s what I thought after I graduated college and chopped 12 inches off my hair. Sometimes change means making things more simple. Now that I’m back in NYC I’ve been itching to streamline my creative spaces. You may have noticed the new and improved header above (I’ve been playing around with penmanship these days), thanks to the help of my friend artist Nathan Pyle.  In attempt to simplify life and house multiple projects in one place (hello amalgamation!), I’ve created a new website to feature my writing, photography, and resume: viva! Check it out by clicking the image below. Also, if you know of any jobs available in the NYC metro area, please let me know!

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 12.37.14 PM


(PS. Ruthie Bird isn’t going anywhere, I simply am excited to share my work on the new website with you!)