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Prospect Park Farmer's Market Blueberries

“You are now arriving at Grand Army Plaza” crackles over the intercom. A resounding “Deee-DONG” whizes through the air as the train doors open to greet the sweltering stench of summer heat- a story every subway and train station will feature over the next three months. It’s summer in the city, which (regardless the toxic heat + trash stench) means so many wonderful things: free concerts in Central Park and in the Prospect Park bandshell, outdoor movie nights scattered across the city, a Mister Softee on every corner, and an electric enthusiasm humming throughout the city. Summer according to SRB is a recipe comprised of farmer’s market excursions and cool (in both the AC and pleasing uses of the word) museums and libraries.

As soon as summer set in on July first, I moved into a sublease in Park Slope (one of my favorite neighborhoods) and put a glorious end to a month of couch hopping. Thanks be to God, now I can exchange subway heat and florescent lights for real, outdoor heat and sunshine as I make my weekly pilgrimage to the Prospect Park Saturday farmer’s market. Coincidentally, the Brooklyn Museum (with Saul’s restaurant inside) and the Brooklyn Library are a handful of skips and jumps away. The market sits just beyond Grand’s Army Plaza, that grand arch-more ornate than Washington Square’s-that marks the main entrance to Prospect Park and features bronze bas-reliefs of Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant just behind the beautiful Bailey fountain. (HELLO HISTORY WARM FUZZIES!)

Soldier's and Sailor's Arch

The Bailey Fountain and Soldier’s and Sailor’s Arch

Things you can expect from the Prospect Park Farmer’s Market:

  • Seasonal organic fruits and veggies (at reasonable prices)
  • Joy & delight
  • A colorful assortment of meats, cheeses, and seafood
  • APPLE CIDER DOUGHNUTS (and cider, too)
  • The fairest flowers in the land (including dried and fresh lavender!)
  • Endless possibilities
  • Every sort of breadkind you can imagine
  • Locally crafted hard ciders and wines
  • Plants and herbs

Things you can’t expect to find at the Prospect Park Farmer’s Market:

  • World Peace
  • A bad afternoon
  • A hungry belly
  • Coffee

Hours: there are two market locations, but I prefer the Plaza!

Grand Army Plaza
Saturdays year round: 8 a.m.  4 p.m.
Bartel-Pritchard Circle
Wednesdays, May through November: 8 a.m.  3 p.m.

Pro Tip: Bring a market bag for your goodies, a picnic blanket, and a book so you can relax in the park after perusing the market’s fare.  Park Slope is an easy neighborhood to get around if you don’t mind puttin’ on your favorite pair of walking shoes. I often wander down to Cafe Regular just west of 7th Ave. on Berkley for an iced coffee or to Calexico on 5th Avenue for a savory taco.